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The History of BCS National

From the Beginning...

BCS has been providing small businesses with ‘Controller-like’ functions on an as-needed basis since January of 1988. Originally from San Diego, California, BCS National now operates primarily out of Tempe, Arizona and has both business and tax clients nationwide.

What originally started as a project to help those who did not need, or couldn't afford, a full-time controller/CFO for their monthly bookkeeping, has turned into a full service small business solution for all of the accounting, start-up, HR, and tax complexities that inevitably arise within the realm of small business.

Since its inception, this company has operated on the core values that our clients come first, and that honest, ethical business practices always net the best long-term results. It is these beliefs that have helped our clients continue to prosper, even during challenging times.

Proudly, BCS still manages many of the same clients that it began working with in year one, and is always looking for opportunities to develop similar relationships with the businesses of this generation and beyond.

Rest assured that your business will always be safe with BCS National.


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