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Comprehensive Small Business Consulting and Bookkeeping

In the modern professional landscape, there are a growing number legal requirements and compliance procedures facing business owners. We continually educate ourselves on the ever-changing necessities of business administration so that our clients don’t have to. By relying on our knowledge and experience, owners are better able to focus their attention where it’s most effective.

We make sure that each of our clients are compliant with all Federal, State, and local government requirements. By acting as an independent, part-time CFO, we’re able to keep the businesses that we manage compliant at a significantly lower cost than if they were to hire a full-time financial officer.

Bookkeeping Support Services:

  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Annual Package for Tax Accountants
  • Payroll Services
  • Payroll Tax Return Preparation
  • Sales Tax Return Preparation
  • Corporate Income Tax Return
  • Individual Income Tax Return
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Auditing Packages
  • G/L Account Analysis
  • G/L Account Reconciliation
  • Fixed Asset Administration
  • Depreciation Calculations
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Budget Analysis and Preparation
  • Budget Implementation

Administrative Services:

  • Company Start Up Papers
  • Company Meeting Minutes
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Workers' Compensation Administration
  • Sales Tax Licensing
  • Contract Writing
  • Data Entry for A/R, A/P, and Invoicing
  • 1099 and 1096 Processing
  • Forms Creation
  • General Letter Writing
  • Training Sessions
  • Analysis of Procedures
  • Procedures Flow Charts
  • Custom Report Design
  • Filing System Setup
  • Policies and Procedures Manuals

See our Start Ups & LLCs page for additional services related to new businesses!

Additional Services

Please keep in mind that it is difficult to include all of our services within a few short lists, so if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask! For Advice and/or a Free Consultation regarding your Small Business Bookkeeping and Management needs, please Contact Us.

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