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Hiring and maintaining employees has become increasingly more challenging over the last few years. Labor laws, IRS rules, OSHA, EEOC, and now ACA (Obama Care) have made it very difficult and scary to take care of payroll on your own.

BCS provides payroll and HR services to small business so that you can continue to operate your business and have peace of mind that you are compliant with all of the Payroll/HR rules and laws.

BCS has many resources to help make payday the least of your worries. 

Here are just some of the Payroll and Human Resources services BCS can provide:

Payroll Processing - prepared accurately and on-time, with direct deposit or paper checks, complete with vacation/sick/PTO accruals and usage tracking.

Payroll Tax Reporting and Payment - calculation of taxes due, payment on line or by paper check, preparation of Payroll Tax Returns.

Human Resources - BCS acts as your HR Department providing you assistance with interviewing, hiring, maintaining your employee files, and provide you with all of the necessary forms.  BCS will assist you with reviews, terminations when necessary, and make sure you are compliant every step of the way.

Forms/Posters/Employee Handbooks - can provide generic forms, posters, and handbooks that comply with federal and state laws or can help you customize them with any company specific information or benefits you provide.

Compliance- Federal and State laws, Unemployment claims, and workers compensation coverage throughout the year and at year end with W2 and W3 preparation, workers comp audits, and all quarterly and annual returns.

How It Works

We make things as simple as possible, taking things from start to finish. Our initial Free Consultation generally consists of establishing your needs and the best places to target our services. From there, we will work together with you to make your company a success!

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